Improve Fish Health Management using Products from Aquatic Diagnostics

We are an international biotechnology company operating within the Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling.

Aquatic Diagnostics develops and markets reagents (monoclonal antibodies and antibody conjugates) and Rapid Kits that can be used to improve fish and shrimp health management. These products identify pathogens causing disease and enable screening of fish immunity.

Our Fish Health Management Products Detect:

  • Economically important fish and shrimp pathogens (AquaMab-P and Rapid Kits)
  • Fish antibodies to monitor immune response in a variety of fish species (AquaMab-F and AquaMab-C)

To ensure ease of use, all fish health management products are supplied with standard protocols. Animations of the procedures are available on the website for each product, to enable customers to choose the most suitable method for successful results.


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ISAV RAPID KITS -These require no specialised equipment and results can be obtained within 30 minutes.

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